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Come On...Let's get started with one of your Questions before I start rambling on and on about the Wisdom required for Dating during these Times!!

Question #1:

How Can you really Take the DRAMA out of dating?

Answer #1:

First and foremost, The answer will differ for different women.  But here's a first step anyone can take.  You will have to make a distinction between drama and excitement. Create a personal definition - one that meets your standards. With a pencil and paper, carefully define and distinguish between what is wildly exciting vs. what is wildly unhealthy, wreckless, and down right stupid.
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Well You've Got to Be Good and Ready to Start

So Let's Get Started....The hardest part is over!

DATING DRAMA-FREE (DDF) requires a hard look...not at men...my queens...But at YOU!
And some "hard looks" require a guided tour.
Serioulsy...smile all u want...But when you sift through the facts of your dating history, YOUR conclusions are often in your favor.  Listen a physican can't heal himself and niether can you.  If you could, it would have been done by now.  So let's take a look into one of your girlfriend's reflections -- to see if it sheds some light on you!

All Of Us Have One In Our Midst!

You Know...The cousin or girlfriend who's name is synonyous with DRAMA!

There is always something new, juicy, chaotic, up, down, dangerous, ignorant, and ridiculous going on in her love life, her baby-daddy life, her ex-hubby's life, her new boyfriend's life, her single life!

If a picture comes to mind or her name travels through your mind...Let her know...That There Is...Help! Better yet, Let her know...There is a BETTER Way To Live and We Would Love To Help!!

If she can't afford a Smart Seminar, then will You or
You and the family,
You and your church friends,
You and your soror's,
You and the girls in your little circle... Please Send her to a Datingdrama-free Seminar! You know her better than we do...


SMART Seminars provide women with an opportunity to learn the fallacies, fantasies, and falsehoods that often obscure their ability to make wise dating decisions.

Women's Conferences provide women with an opportunity to learn what roles they play in their data tragedies.

Here are a few Conference Topics from our SMART Seminars:

* Triangles: Dating Mr. Almost Divorced
* 5 Really Dumb Moves Women Make
* Distinguishing Between Chaos and Excitement
* But He Said He Was.....
* What Love Is and Is Not?
* Internet Dating I & II
* What Does It Mean When He Says.....
* Un-DENIABLE Signs that You're DESPERATE
* Real MEN...Right In Your Midst
* Attracting Financially-Stable Men
* What Means The Most To Men